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Pu’er Jiangcheng Fuwang Coffee BiotechnologyCo.,Ltd is in Pu’er city, which is widely known as the Hometown of Chinese Coffee. The coffee base is loca...

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Global sales department address: Room 9floor, Beijing Building, A6 Garden, Financial & Trading Zone, Haikou, Hainan, P.R.China 570125
Tel:(86-898)66729565 36667880
Fax: (86-898)66729560


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       Pu’er Jiangcheng Fuwang Coffee Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is in Pu’er city, which is widely known as the Hometown of Chinese Coffee. The coffee base is located in Zhengdong town, Jiangcheng county, with a average latitude of 1120 meters, which is one of the most suitable regions for high quality coffee planting.
       Pu’er Jiangcheng Fuwang Coffee Biotechnology Co.,Ltd belongs to Hainan Fuwang Insutrial (Group) Co.Ltd, which is an integrated coffee biotechnology company concentrating on coffee planting, coffee processing, coffee biological extracting project, coffee marketing and international trade. For the sake of improving the quality of coffee and building high-end coffee brand, we are engaged in intensive cooperation with China Agricultural University and other scientific research institutions, and setting cultivating and planting ecological solid organic coffee planting demonstration base. So far we have built farm, methane fertilizing and biological pesticide system by ourselves, and conducted organic solid ecological coffee planting and processing. Meanwhile, we also devote ourselves to China Organic Certification, EU Organic Certification, American Organic Certification and 4C, etc. For an improvement of the quality of Pu’er coffee and creating larger social and economic effect, we commit ourselves to lead coffee planters around the coffee demonstration base to realize organic coffee planting. At present, almost 5000 mu coffee plantation have been in the conversion period of organic identification. Besides, we are developing coffee extraction for medicinal intermediate, as well as extending coffee industrial chain.
       So far, our main product includes: superior Yunnan Arabica green coffee beans, roasted coffee beans, instant coffee powder and green coffee bean extract (Chlorogenic Acid)etc. It gains widely praises from our clients as soon as it’s put into the market, even forms the trend of short supply. Now, our products are also exported to Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, The Middle East and so on.
       Being in the line with the principle of “Be Honest, Be Professional, Quality Guarantee, Win-win ”, Fuwang people is always committed to provide the best coffee and the most perfect service for you!!!
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Address:Hainan Haikou, Guomao Road, Beijing Building Tel:(86-898)66729565 36667880