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Pu’er Jiangcheng Fuwang Coffee BiotechnologyCo.,Ltd is in Pu’er city, which is widely known as the Hometown of Chinese Coffee. The coffee base is loca...

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Global sales department address: Room 9floor, Beijing Building, A6 Garden, Financial & Trading Zone, Haikou, Hainan, P.R.China 570125
Tel:(86-898)66729565 36667880
Fax: (86-898)66729560


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1. Business philosophy: people-oriented win with quality sincere service and come truth a win-win.

The company's development rely on every employee also the development of the company provide the opportunities for growth and advancement to each employee which creating that interdependence and harmonious relationship between the company and employees. There is the way through of strict detail new actually to management and operation. Which continuing to provide customers with high quality products and services the superior service for the lower the government office services for basic level the procedure one service the next process services the staff services for our customers or consumers all that creating a good corporate atmosphere and forming a win-win relationship of cooperation between the company and employees enterprise and customers.

2. The business philosophy: founding integrity pursuit of excellence the team winning innovation and development customer first.

Founding integrity: the market economy is the credit economy. Without integrity with person not value without integrity of enterprise not any vitality.

The pursuit of excellence: the best quality products and services to contributing to society; to create the excellent staff; to create the best enterprise and to be constantly self-denial then to be constantly transcendental ourselves!

Team winning: the enterprise values lead to personal values​the strength of the team incentive Fuwang’s person with courage.

Innovation and development: Stop means dying. With innovative thinking to meet the changing demands; with advanced innovate before market change only do that then the enterprise can be to an invincible position in the fierce market competition.

Customer First: The customer is always right. Continue to satisfied with customer demand continued to provide the best quality products and servicesit is the prerequisite condition for the success of our cause committed to customer’s success.

3.Business objectives: customer satisfaction employee happiness enterprise development and prosperity of the country.

Hainan Fuwang developing is not only for the success of an enterprise but also to gain the tangible benefits of the community customers employees partners and the other all aspects which to reach a mutually beneficial and win-win social benefits to shared with the social progress together with customers and all staff developments.


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Address:Hainan Haikou, Guomao Road, Beijing Building Tel:(86-898)66729565 36667880